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SurfTimer Update 3.09 - 08.10.2016
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SurfTimer Update 3.09 - 08.10.2016
# SurfTimer Update 3.09 - 08.10.2016

SurfTimer Changelog:
  • Changed SurfTimer Version to: 3.09
  • Completly rewrote Jail Remover (Includes admin logs, user friendly, better menu overviews etc.)
  • Teleport Destination's will force angle now. (!teleport, !restart, etc..) Note: Teleport Destination's need to be re-set to force angle.
  • Fixed an issue where player connections are not being saved into the database.
  • Rewrote IRC/Announcer function for better connection between servers. Non-Chat-Announcements can be hidden via the player settings menu. ("Chat Messages", will probably change it to an own setting)
  • SurfTimer will now force specific surf cvars on map start. (Needed for CS:GO)
  • Fixed an important crash when trying to get velocity on CS:GO (This means, that the CS:GO version of the SurfTimer is now FINAL) (Thanks Ayuto)
  • Timeleft will show now seconds left instead of "Less than 1 minute". (When Timeleft is less than 1 Minute)
  • Added security check for Chat, Menu and HUD messages, so they dont exceed the max character amount.
  • Improved Trigger Touch detection.
  • Updated Keypresses code.
  • Added Custom Chat (Added a custom default chat tag for everyone, WIP)
  • Added Dead Chat (You can see any player message, even if the player is dead.)

And ofcourse other stuff I can't remember..

If you want to thank us, or just donate, feel free to use the Donation Page.

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10-08-2016 01:56 AM
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