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SurfTimer Update 3.06 - 12.09.2016
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SurfTimer Update 3.06 - 12.09.2016
SurfTimer Update 3.06 - 12.09.2016

  • Changed SurfTimer Version to 3.06
  • Added CS:GO Compatibility.
  • Complete rewrote of the current HUD system. (Fixes, no-text bug etc.)
  • Added a method to extend the CS:GO Hud to 4 lines. (Only if 4 lines are needed, else it will use default 3)
  • Added colors to CS:GO Hud.
  • Drastically reduced the Stage- and Run-completion functions. (They are almost instantly)
  • All player times are cached now.
  • Fixed the CPR Mode [PR]. It should work correctly as it should.
  • Admin menu has been finalized. Admins can now easily adjust any player times on any stage or run by a custom amount.
  • Fixed !restart, !teleport, !goback, !s, !b which bugged the HUD menu, while being in the specific zone.
  • Repeat Mode has been temporarily disabled. (Should be back in the next update, too lazy)
  • Fixed the Stage Entertimes which gave sometimes wrong informations about the velocity.
  • Timer shouldn't stop when you !restart in the start zone.
  • Fixed a critical lag-spike when many people are on the server.

And ofcourse other stuff I can't remember..

If you want to thank us, or just donate, feel free to use theĀ Donation Page.

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